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20-Jul-2014 03:29

You postdate a check by writing a future date on it.People typically do this when they want to give a check to someone but aren't certain they'll have enough money in their account until a certain date to cover it.

His advice is spot on, and it's exactly what I'd recommend to anyone who's thinking of trying out the New York dating scene. And now, the lovely Mackenzie Dawson Parks - hands off, she's married too! Enough swooning over her looks; time to swoon over her dating observations!

The gossip connection is NOT accidental, as his biggest claim to fame is his family - his sisters are Plum Sykes ("Bergdorf Blondes") along with Lucy and Alice Sykes, all who have made a tear through the New York social scene over the years.

They're all rather infamous if you read the gossip columns.

If he does cash it early, he can be made to pay fees and costs as well as potential civil penalties.

Federal law regarding postdated checks relates to debt collection.(Yes, I do.) Based on the various things I surmised about him from his other columns, I had him pegged to be a hipster-sympathizing jerk, but the shocker: he's a romantic!