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Stephanie talks of her DUI arrest, and her sibling rivalry with Spencer became more intense as his behavior became more erratic.Stephanie and the rest of the cast either did not mention Spencer or Heidi after the two were permanently axed from the series, or kept their comments focused on how no one knew what the couple were up to, and had avoided any recent contact with them. In 2013, Pratt made several appearances on television in the United Kingdom.The second half of the season continued with Kristin Cavallari hired as the replacement narrator.Pratt and Cavallari began as rivals due to conflicts about Audrina Patridge's ex-boyfriend and a report linking Cavallari to drug use, though they would become friends during the following season.In 2010, the series underwent several casting adjustments and saw Pratt become a primary cast member, joining Patridge, Lo Bosworth, and Kristin Cavallari.She is the younger sister of Spencer Pratt, also a television personality.During the third season, Conrad ended her friendship with Montag after she suspected that the male Pratt was responsible for rumors of a sex tape involving her and her former boyfriend Jason Wahler; the ensuing feud between the three carried through each subsequent season.During production of the third season, the female Pratt first appeared on the series while angrily confronting Conrad at a club.

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and it turns out, that's probably because it's not actually happening.

Pratt lasted 19 days inside the house, before exiting on 5 September 2014.