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31-Mar-2016 17:26

The researchers kept track of ads that fit into the definition of hypermasculine – ads that showed men as violent, physically aggressive, hypersexual or participating in “dangerous” activities for the thrill of it all – and cross-referenced them with the demographics that the magazines targeted.

For those of you who like to crunch the math, the methodology can be found in the report – it’s a tad involved but the end results were interesting.

These two groups were, in many ways, the most easily influenced.

Neither have much in the way of disposable income; in fact, a higher income level of the magazine’s target audience correlated with ads depicting exaggerated male behavior.

Meanwhile the older men are often feel as though they have been cheated and that others are benefiting from something that’s being denied to them, thus they want to re-establish their manhood.

Advertisers are well aware of this and craft their message with supposed ideals of masculine identity; “Feeling insufficiently manly? “This product will make you the man you’ve always known you could be.” Genderads – where I’ve found most of the examples I’ve used in this article – is a reponsitory of hypermasculine imagery in advertising… It drives home just how often we’re sold on the idealization of these masculine stereotypes.

Every interaction between men is one of a struggle for dominance.

Anything less than the pinacle of the manly ideal is seen as grounds for punishment – being exiled from the company of men, denied the fruits of masculinity, or even violent reprisal.

well shit son, you’re just Mind you, these are very strict heterosexual standards.

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