Updating nohost the hostname

21-Jul-2014 10:59

Ign Translation-en Fetched 6,620 k B in 1min 21s (81.2 k B/s) W: Failed to fetch wicked happened resolving 'archive.scrapy.org:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname) This has been a long term problem with apt, and Ubuntu has never fixed it.

Apt doesn't seem to use the same DNS servers that the internal system does - 'ping ' returns a correct IP address. "Something wicked happened resolving 'extras.ubuntu.com:http" (Which sounds, somewhat, like it's trying to resolve a .com:http domain, which isn't a valid TLD) To modify /etc/hosts, use the following: Ping each of the names that are failing to resolve - PING extras.(91.1) 56(84) bytes of data.

From another post I say you can substitute all.for your normal hostname using dyndns as the ddns service, and it would update everything connecte to DNS-o-Matic (in my case, Dyn DNS and Open DNS).

When I try this and enter via the CLI "show dns dynamic status" The status shows a blank IP and either nohost or noconnect as the update-status.

Use https instead of http if your client supports it - otherwise your password will be sent in clear text, unencrypted, in every update request.Use your favourite editor, such as vi - 'sudo vi /etc/hosts'.