Updating launcher

18-May-2014 18:51

updating launcher-58

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Please help me with either updating or reverting back to a previous version of Minecraft, as I don't really care about this update and will probably not use it.

59.92 mb download and I have plenty of space since I try to keep my Mac updated as much as possible and I scan it regularly.

It only reaches to 59.90 or a little less than the full download before it crashes and restarts multiple times before reporting "unable to update minecraft native launcher" and quitting altogether.

I can't tell if it's the log is saying that the native launcher needs to update to use the newest java or vice versa.

I don't want to open another bug in here, but I just had the same issue after trying to update the launcher to the newest launcher.Opened Minecraft earlier today, no problems until I decide to get the update for the new included Java - esque features.