Updating excel 2016 data labels Free latina slut date site

10-Oct-2016 13:51

Now we jump over to the Dashboard worksheet and set up a couple of dropdowns — one is the report period selector, and the other is the report range (how many months to include in the chart) selector.

Start by setting up some labels with dropdowns (I normally put these off to the side and outside the print range…but that doesn’t sit nice with the screen resolution I like to work with on this blog): Then, set up the dropdowns using Excel data validation: First, the report period.

See for a look at my thoughts on dashboard visualization.) This is a slightly iterative process that starts with the setup of the Data tab.

On that worksheet, we’ll use the first column to list our dates — these could be days, weeks, months, whatever (they can be changed at any time and the whole approach still works).

You can just drag a big area if you want, but this is a slightly more elegant approach.

I’m not going to go into the nuts and bolts of why this formula works, but you can look up the OFFSET and COUNTA functions and figure it out if you’re so inclined: And, of course, we’ll actually need data — this would come later, but I’ve gone ahead and dropped some fictitious stuff in there: That’s it for the Data tab for now…but we’ll be back!

(Note: I abhor many, many things about Excel’s default settings, but, to keep the example as familiar as possible, I’m going to leave those alone.

This basic approach is one of the core components in the dashboards I work on every day, and it can be applied to a much more robust visualization of data than is represented here.

And, we’re definitely going to want to have the whole range of data on the tab available to us.So, we need to make it a named cell — Report Period: Now, let’s do a similar operation for the report range — this tells the spreadsheet how many months to include in each chart.

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