Trigger updating same table oracle

12-Jan-2017 19:02

If the trigger cannot be successfully recompiled upon the next execution, the invocation throws an exception and the statement that caused it to fire will be rolled back.For more information on triggered-SQL-statements, see the CREATE TRIGGER t1 NO CASCADE BEFORE UPDATE ON x FOR EACH ROW MODE DB2SQL values app.notify Email('Jerry', 'Table x is about to be updated'); CREATE TRIGGER FLIGHTSDELETE AFTER DELETE ON FLIGHTS REFERENCING OLD_TABLE AS DELETEDFLIGHTS FOR EACH STATEMENT DELETE FROM FLIGHTAVAILABILITY WHERE FLIGHT_ID IN (SELECT FLIGHT_ID FROM DELETEDFLIGHTS); CREATE TRIGGER FLIGHTSDELETE3 AFTER DELETE ON FLIGHTS REFERENCING OLD AS OLD FOR EACH ROW DELETE FROM FLIGHTAVAILABILITY WHERE FLIGHT_ID = OLD.If this privilege is later revoked, you can drop the trigger but not alter it.The object privileges to the schema objects referenced in the trigger body must be granted to the trigger owner explicitly (not through a role).See "Using SQL standard authorization" and "Privileges on views, triggers, and constraints" in the Many triggered-SQL-statements need to refer to data that is currently being changed by the database event that caused them to fire.The triggered-SQL-statement might need to refer to the new (post-change or "after") values.

A trigger operates with the privileges of the owner of the trigger.

Row triggers cannot designate an identifier for a transition table and statement triggers cannot designate a correlation for transition variables.

An update that sets a column value to the value that it originally contained (for example, UPDATE T SET C = C) causes a row trigger to fire, even though the value of the column is the same as it was prior to the triggering event.

Triggers can also perform a variety of functions such as issuing alerts, updating other tables, sending e-mail, and other useful actions.

You can define any number of triggers for a single table, including multiple triggers on the same table for the same event.

I tried writing simple trigger for this but since both operations(original update statement and my trigger update statement) are on same table it throws some error like...

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