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18-Dec-2016 16:10

But in so many cases journalism is enriched by responses from its readers.On all news sites where comments appear, too often things are said to journalists and other readers that would be unimaginable face to face – the Guardian is no exception.The 10 regular writers who got the most abuse were eight women (four white and four non-white) and two black men.And of the eight women in the “top 10”, one was Muslim and one Jewish.6) If you see a “damsel in distress” that is a PERFECT opportunity to be her knight in shining armor.If she slips, you can go over to her and offer your hand. Even if its just that she has toilet paper on her shoe.

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And our 10 Best Dating Podcasts get the job done — just give them a listen!If she doesn’t have a seat to sit down, find her one. Don’t embarrass her more by telling her you are helping her (she might take offense and tell you she doesn’t need your help.) She will be aware of you being a gentleman.

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