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26-Jan-2017 00:31

The "average" man is not interesting to a very attractive woman. " politically-correct bullshit you've been fed since the cradle. This practical piece of street psychology brought to you by svj. we are ALL playaz to a certain degree...u spot em on here like u do on the streetcept u LISTEN to what they say and ONE way is if they take NO time with their profile .TOO much time with it...playaz...narcissists they r out there on here and EVERYWHERE...liars cheats playaz..dont move to quick if u dont know what ur doin and good luckkathithink of pof as a game somewhere to go for fun and IF u r one of the lucky ones to MEET someone thats a bonus dont come on here thinkin its gonna be ez to meet a good person as just like in REAL life it isnt kathi I agree, loser too...

Don't buy into this "We're all beautiful in our own way!

Even make notes at the end of the date so you can compare later if something seems odd.5... A player will not want you to meet his female friends because he cannot control what they say to you. I don't know why, but this definately seems to hold true for a lot of people. I forgot to put that one in my list and it is a very important one. It is a universally known fact (to men) that the vast majority of men will sleep with a woman for her looks alone. They'll unconsciously start projecting "other qualities" on her.) But most men will not have a relationship with a woman that doesn't bring something else to the table. Many men have tried telling them this over the years... (If you have a two-line profile, and your only interests are "laughing" and "movies" and "music", I'm likely talking to you.) Instead of a woman asking herself "Why do I need to do or change about myself to become attractive enough to attractive men to warrant a relationship? ...guys who catch your eye on the viewed you screen,or just perusing,...about the intuition thing....

As one poster said, if he's too good to be true, he probably is. Maybe it's because they're not looking through "rose-coloured" glasses or it's their intuition. I've had so many female friends tell me after they were played, "but he was so nice" or "he didn't judge me". Kept looking at the list after I did it thinking "there was one other , now what was it....."Absolutely Listen to your intution!!! ", she yells out "I slept with him on the first date, and he never called me again!! I'm not sure about that cos,they act differently with each woman.....ones they are not interested in,they show no charisma,so these women think they are ok guys,like the fellow next door sort of type,but,when they figure you might be nice in bed,or to do you a favour and put you out of your misery,, ROFLMAO,anyway,then they do change,and they can really screw up your intuition,cos you just know something ain't right,but still,you find them interesting....

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Things to do to weed out the lesser players....1... Even if you want to, for god's sake get a bit of control over yourself. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and players often take advantage of that. There are some obvious signs, like someone who won't meet in person, or someone who won't even send you a picture. And hopefully help out one or two out of the raging throng at the same time. In this case, (the term "player"), women usually use it to de-humanize an attractive man, not just attractive to her, but to a lot of women. She knows the shortcut to get his attention real f*cking quick. If it's offered, and she's reasonably physically attractive, chances are he'll take it. that's what every other woman that wants him is thinking as well. or do they only move on when they can't handle the emotional attachment? after reading this topic and trying to put into words how I could contribute to this thread...

The number one sign is you can’t call them at home or they don’t have a home phone number and they don’t let you talk to their family members.….never included in anything involving his family in the 6 months we saw each other (was I really that stupid? And don't blame the attractive guy, if you don't have enough going for you to keep him interested. That's just going to move you to posting sob stories in self-pity pits like these threads. well, a lot of opinions on this but I still say that you have to learn how to date by asking questions and don't forget to ask the hard ones more than once and for god’s sake don't let your eyes do your talking and mislead you with false chemistry. We are all in this “game” together; we just want to avoid the “professionals” who have heartbreak down to a science. It is very confusing to receive a great kiss, I will call you in the morning-- after you have seen or talked to each other every day for a couple of weeks. Some wonder why some women and men have “no players” on their profiles.

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