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Roads are designed and built for primary use by vehicular and pedestrian traffic.Storm drainage and environmental considerations are a major concern. Make new friends in Gippsland : A free dating, companionship & friendship site for Gippsland "I came across your site accidentally, but I`m glad I did. This site is a true winner designed for people seeking alternative friendships they simply cannot find. Make friends in Gippsland for conversational language exchange with native speakers. Meet people & make new friennds in La Trobe, Warragul, Trafalgar, Traralgon or Sale, Victoria, VIC, Australia.

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Much of the vegetation may be mulched and put aside for use during reinstatement.

On dual carriageway roads, including controlled-access highways, divided highways and many limited-access roads, the central reservation (British English), median (North American English), median strip (North American English and Australian English), neutral ground [Louisiana English] or central nature strip (Australian English): Area that separates opposing lanes of traffic Deviations from a true planar pavement surface, which affects vehicle suspension deflection, dynamic loading, ride quality, surface drainage and winter operations.