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18-Oct-2016 09:58

Notifications in Skype for Business now have a more modern look and feel.New notifications provide more information about incoming calls, and make it easy to take quick action on calls.Of course, you can make changes to this list by adding and removing contacts, creating groups, and sorting contacts into groups that make sense to you. On-premises customers will have the feature turned off by default but admins can enable it through an in-band setting.Smart contacts lists are available to both Skype for Business 15 and Skype for Business 16 clients.

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You'll no longer receive those "this message can't be delivered" notifications when you send a message to someone who is offline.

Workaround: The Skype for Business on Windows user shares the program or window, or the Skype for Business on Mac user restarts the Skype for Business on Mac app.