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26-May-2014 07:14

I guess it would have made the film too long but it still left me feeling slightly cheated of seeing both sides of the race dating issue.On the other hand, the issues facing Kenya are explored.That is until her attorney player brother Nelson (Donald Faison) hooks her up with Mark Harper (Blair Underwood) a fellow lawyer who is everything Kenya has always said she wants. Most of the movie is shown from Kenya’s POV and centers on how the people in her life see her relationship with Brian.He’s charming, he’s intelligent, he ought to give lessons in seduction and love and he’s great at painting Kenya’s toenails plus getting her to loosen up.I wish her girlfriends, funny though their scenes were, had been more than sketches of characters.And I was really disappointed with Alfre Woodward’s character who comes off as little more than a name dropping, social snob. Anyway, the boy’s just white, he ain’t a martian.” I also liked the inclusion of Kenya’s work life in the story.Her family is, well not appalled, but not that supportive of her dating Brian.Her friends urge her to enjoy the sex but also obviously see Brian as merely filler while Kenya waits for that perfect man they can all approve of.

This also provides a powerful draw to Mark since, as a black professional, he will understand her struggles without her having to explain.Her life is work, work, work to make partner, especially since she’s yet to find her IBM: Ideal Black Man.She and her three girlfriends lament the lack over martinis on Valentine’s Day, deciding to “let go, let flow” and loosen their requirements for dates.– and do it in a non-confrontational manner that might just get people to watch it.

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I think people are more likely to see something they might consider controversial if they don’t think they’ll be preached at.

Kenya’s new decision gets tested immediately when a coworker sets her up on a blind date with Brian (Simon Baker) a landscape architect who also just happens to be white.

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