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My 30 years of experience serving plaintiffs in personal injury cases have taught me how to fight the insurance companies effectively.I thoroughly and assertively investigate each case that comes to me to discover all of the parties that may bear responsibility in your case. If you have a legal concern regarding DUI charges, criminal charges, or a personal injury claim, please contact me at my Durango, Colorado office to discuss your situation in more detail.When I'm at home alone, a lot of personal projects and hobbies keep me occupied.To me, traveling means being willing to get lost along the way.Who would’ve thought those majestic mountains would be just as welcoming when there’s no snow on them?Oh yes, the snow melts and there they are: hidden gem resorts in ski town, packed with everything from relaxing spa getaways to high-altitude adventure activities. We’re betting you had no idea that come summer, Colorado’s popular slopes turn into hiking and mountain biking trails and nearby rivers and lakes rise to new levels, ideal for fishing and boating.And if you’re everything but an outdoor enthusiast, you can still have fun.

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A conviction may result in the loss or suspension of your license, expensive court costs and fines, steep rises in insurance premiums, and may even prevent you from being considered for certain job opportunities in the future. Many factors can have an effect on your individual case.I represent both juveniles and adults facing misdemeanor or felony charges and have successfully defended people in matters that involve theft, burglary, other property crimes, controlled substances, criminal misconduct, and many, many others.The rights of the defendant in criminal matters can all too easily and often be trampled and you need a vigilant lawyer with the experience to make sure that does not happen to you.An experienced and aggressive Colorado DUI lawyer fighting for your rights can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

I also handle drug cases involving the distribution, possession, sale or trafficking of illegal narcotics and substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, exstacy and many others.

Working with investigators and forensic experts of our own, my office has the resources needed to challenge the prosecution's case and expose law enforcement's failure to pursue alternative leads and suspects.

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