Self updating minecraft

05-Feb-2016 12:42

There is some indentation issues in some of the code objects. It will look like this: # A semicolon limited list of wildcards for domains that can be accessed through the "http" API on Computers. S:http_whitelist=*;*Set it to "S:http_whitelist:*" and you should be all set Hi everyone! We are going to be creating a Github auto updater for your programs! EDIT: For anyone using this in CC v1.63 , in the config you need to disable the domain whitelist for this tutorial to work.

We will do that later, because we will need to post 4 files to github. The installer is one of the three files we will put on github. We want to create a check For Updates function, which will take one argument, and that will be update Url.

The data from the file we will check will be another version number. In order to have a successful update, when you post your new code to github, make sure both files have the same version. To do this, we will check if the installer exists using the FS api.

Anyway, your code should look like this: current Version = 1.0 function check For Updates(update Url) for i = 1, 3 do local response = http.get(update Url) if response then local data = All() if data ~= current Version then end end end end Now we want to check if we have the installer. Your code should look like this, and the function will be finished.

You may be wondering "The functions don't get called, and I don't know what this version file you're talking about is!! The check For Updates function will check if there this file's version number, and compare it to the local variable.

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If it isn't the same, it will download a new file.Now upload them all to github, and you have a working, breathing (Not really) github update checker! I have done this in an installer I made (not published on the forums, though it is somewhere on github ), and it is simpler than you think it is.