Sav client not updating

27-May-2016 09:08

Our bars, swimming pools and restaurants offer the perfect place to relax and unwind and of course, our all-inclusive service is one of the best in Lanzarote.

The surrounding Puerto del Carmen resort is also home to fantastic water sports facilities, golf, horse riding and fishing.

When I press "I" on the keyboard to bring up the current status I am getting few different error messages. Labelled "Required Files Status:" Please provide a screenshot of that, or exactly what it says It's hard to say without having access to the CMS, but those are very likely 2 RSS feeds.

Here is an example of what I get: It's above that box what I need to see. Check on the CMS that all your RSS feed URLs are valid, and that if any of them are accessed over SSL (ie start https://) that you've configured PHP to support that properly following the FAQ here: Using Tickers, Forecast, Twitter and other external resources that make use of HTTPS connections It is easy to reference and use external sources in Xibo widgets such as Tickers, however special consideration may need to be taken when referencing resources provided over SSL (anything with HTTPS at the front of the Address).

Then restart the sms service and re-run your cycle (software update, etc).

I've removed the display and re-added it, still nothing. You need to adjust that so that it can connect all the time and then restart the client.

If i click on '242 Updates' I get the below Print-screen and so on.

Print Screen3How to install all the uninstalled update. Is there any method to pull the update manually from WSUS Server. You probably don't have enough space to store all those updates.

The Belle Vue Aquarius *** is a Puerto Del Carmen hotel situated in the center of the old town, close to the best and most fashionable restaurants, bars and shops..See: I have various Xibo clients all on 1.7.2 running Windows 8.1.After updating the software from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2 I noticed that my RSS feeds stopped updating. I expect you've created a Display Profile in the CMS which is preventing the Player from connecting to the CMS except for a very small window over midnight.This all-inclusive hotel in Lanzarote is perfect for people who want to be close to the action but still want to relax in the sunshine.

The Puerto del Carmen resort is home to some of the best hotels in Lanzarote and the Belle Vue Aquarius *** is no exception.Our all-inclusive Belle Vue Aquarius *** hotel service includes all food and drink from the all-inclusive menu, available from the restaurant, lounge bar and snack bar.

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