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Rugamba adds that proximity usually cheats people into thinking that they are in love; however, if you date someone online, do a long distance relationship with them and wait for them, then your decision will be easily made. I registered on several dating sites, under a false name to understand these sites better.

You are required to register with an email address and after you get a notification which you have to approve, you are then directed to the next step.

To avoid such situations, people opt to use pseudo pictures," says Jane Rukundo.

When people find that they have the same qualities, interests and can have fun with each other, they contact each other privately and meet at an agreed location.

When registering on these dating sites, they usually ask for your location and which location you would like a partner from.

When I registered I was still in Rwanda and wanted a man from Rwanda but when I relocated to Canada, I didn't change my location settings, so he caught me off-guard.

Each of these groups has more than 800 members, of which men are more than women.

But we started hanging out together, talking a lot and being there for each other, it happened gradually.Back in the 90's and early 2000's when online dating sites were springing up, people were reluctant to join them, for several reasons such as reliability, security of personal data, personal perceptions and of, course, the honesty of people, among others.People who engaged in online dating were seen as desperate, but that perception has since changed.The second page asks for details ranging from your preference (as in looking for a man or woman) marital status, education level, interests, district, country and if one is a student, their campus residence.

After joining the group, I was instantly added to the public chat room where people start their conversations before shifting to their personal inbox.

I think what sealed the deal was when he met my daughter from a previous relationship and they instantly connected.