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23-Oct-2014 19:13

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Each person works differently, but it’s probably unwise to scan through more than two dozen profiles in a single sitting.

If you can’t recall a single thing about a profile seconds after checking it out, it’s time to take a break. Or Maybe About Half That) Match up with the right site.

Start with a broader list of criteria, and give yourself enough time to study all of the qualities in a profile to get an overall sense of who the person is.

It’d be a shame if someone was off your radar due to height when you and this person have the exact same taste in movies or music.

Know what you want before you log on, but allow yourself to be surprised when the seemingly not-so-perfect choice turns out to the one who rocks your world.

TIME Magazine mentioned it in a review of dating services, saying, "If you’re highly educated and seeking a highly educated partner, Right Stuff Dating ('The Ivy League of Dating') may be right for you."Competing niche sites targeting high intelligence or graduates of elite universities have either closed entirely, no longer work with current browsers, or are otherwise essentially moribund.

(MORE: Millennials Are Biggest Suckers for Selfish Impulse Buys) Don’t buy into the “scientific method” hype.

The formulas that sites use don’t stand up to scientific scrutiny.

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To avoid this problem, limit your searches in terms of profiles and time.It’s OK—good, even—to have fewer choices, so long as they’re better ones. If you’re highly educated and seeking a highly educated partner, Right Stuff Dating (“The Ivy League of Dating”) may be right for you.

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