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15-Sep-2015 20:19

“It takes open-mindedness and bravery to buck tradition and date outside of one’s own ethnicity. It can give you a pretty good view into that person’s personality and how they treat other people.” Salon is proud to feature content from Alter Net, an award-winning news magazine and online community that creates original journalism and amplifies the best of hundreds of other independent media sources.

Props to those brave souls that are willing to not only step out of the closet, but to step out of their ethnic comfort zones as well.”Differences can be scary, especially when applied to sexual interactions. And that can be frightening to someone who hasn’t seen something like that before.”There are those who will advise against placing a racial preference on one’s profile.

Kristen Martinez, a Seattle-based psychotherapist specializing in LGBT issues, says, “If you dig a little deeper into these motivations, you may start to notice some racist undertones to why you prefer certain ethnic groups over others.”An Australian study cited in a recent article by the Daily Beast, suggests, “Sexual racism…

is closely associated with generic racist attitudes, which challenges the idea of racial attraction as solely a matter of personal preference.”There aren’t many places left in society where you can get away with saying something like “No blacks.” Not in Brooklyn, at least.

While he said white people were the most likely to consider relationships with people from other ethnic backgrounds, he said the biggest 'reversals' in preference, are observed among groups that display the greatest tendency towards in-group bias.

Professor Lewis' study also found that a person who is contacted by someone from a different racial background for the first time is more likely to reply, which he explains using his theory about 'pre-emptive discrimination'.'Based on a lifetime of experiences in a racist and racially segregated society, people anticipate discrimination on the part of a potential recipient and are largely unwilling to reach out in the first place,' he said.

Shallowness in online dating manifests in different ways, but is mostly about appearance. The plight of bald men has been well articulated by the likes of Larry David and Louis CK.

And of course, anytime we talk about appearance, race will eventually come into play.

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When it comes to sex in particular, certain stigmas tend to fall on both black and Asian individuals regarding penis size.If you don’t have enough jerks in your life, sign up for an online dating app.