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14-Nov-2015 09:43

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There’s this quiet perception that can sometimes arise while we’re reading profiles, connecting with someone, and assessing whether we wish to go deeper and to more intimate levels with a date.

It’s a perception that influences how we are seeing the other person, how we are receiving their expressions, and it even impacts how we feel around them.

Oh wait,....”looks” like a “freight train to a migraine”. I stop, reflect, and regroup (take a break) until some balance is restored. Even with shared private photos I have experienced the following.... He was also able to speak Latin fluently whilst under hypnosis.

Other great features that the site has to offer include: articles regarding dating, live chat option, dating tips and events you can attend. Through their determination ,wisdom, and caution, each has achieved a relatively high level in their field. I wish to mention that Harry's photo is my qq logo. Gongj I am not sure that Gongji's experiences are something that the majority of us have to worry about, although maybe it would be possible for a lawyer to lose clients, or a teacher to be ridiculed by his students, or countless other negative experiences to occur as a result of posting one's photo on a dating site profile. : D This is one of my favorite "ice breakers" and it is especially effective when I go to visit and perform a little bit of music at the retirement centers. I will certainly elaborate on "THIS TIME" but, I won't go into great detail because it is a topic that will be used in further posts. I ask that you Please "go with me" and allow yourself to step beyond the rational(? I don't really think that reincarnation, as is commonly thought of, is possible but, it could be and I just don't know it. Both have “public profile” jobs that they have worked very hard for and wish to maintain a certain “persona”.Having just completed a public performance (favorably), I was engaged with 3 influential ($$) audience members who were considering a future engagement. I'm standing there in formal dress (white tie and tuxedo tails), when all of a sudden an attractive woman approached.

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I psychically perceived the possible “voluminous flow of feminine juices” (hehe) and,... Actually, I recall it was sort of a “claire-abdominal” (gut feeling) sensation.

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