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13 - The most superstitious number, 13 affects business in surprising ways through absenteeism, cancellations, and design.

Western airlines, for example, tend not to have seats and rows numbered 13. Friday and the number 13 derive their superstitious reputations mostly from Christian beliefs and Norse folklore.

Phi is used intentionally or instinctively in many different areas of design, for example architecture, music, and art.

Phi is also an easy 'secret' to achieving aesthetically pleasing positioning and proportions.

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24-Carat/Karat - The purest form of gold (karat is US-English spelling, too soft for jewellery, hence gold jewellery is made of 22-carat, 18-carat, or 9-carat gold, etc., in which other metals such as copper are mixed.

Giving a wrong answer ended the game and the potential prize money was lost.

It must have cost a fortune, but in his mind everything was an investment, and this case the return was worth it. While men desire women who look like Meg Ryan, recent studies confirm that women are attracted to men who look as if they have wealth, or the ability to acquire it. His house had one of those home cinema screens and a wall of DVDs.… continue reading »

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