Payloadvalidatinginterceptor schemas property asp net rowupdating example

16-Jan-2016 07:03

It's about the behaviur of the Payload Validating Interceptor.

It validates well all elements described in the XSD, but it also allows elements not defined in the XSD to be in the payload.

The next application context snippet shows how to create such a dynamic WSDL file: element will follow all XSD imports and includes, and will inline them in the WSDL as a single XSD.

These methods handle incoming XML request messages by inspecting parts of the message (typically the payload), and create some sort of response.

However, setting these properties is not required, since the dispatcher will automatically detect all of these types that are registered in the application context.This is only the first step in setting up Spring Web Services, because the various component beans used by the Spring-WS framework also need to be configured; this configuration consists of standard Spring XML , Spring Web Services can also generate a WSDL from an XSD schema.This is the approach shown in Section 3.7, “Publishing the WSDL”.The Even though it can be quite handy to create the WSDL at runtime from your XSDs, there are a couple of drawbacks to this approach.

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First off, though we try to keep the WSDL generation process consistent between releases, there is still the possibility that it changes (slightly).

I managed to reproduce the issue - check out It seems, that when using a bit more complex schema (imports, includes, inheritance, ...) may trigger this one. So I stumbled on this exact problem after almost 9 years.