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331 when they receive the liquidation proceeds in exchange for their stock.If the corporation distributes its assets for later sale by the shareholders, the assets generally “come out” of the corporation with a basis equal to FMV (and with the related recognition of gain or loss under Sec.” The answer to that question depends on whether you are the company, or if you are one of the creditors of the company that is waiting to get paid and wants to take action.Keep in mind that the term “liquidation” is also used in situations where a company is looking to sell off surplus goods or equipment.Rabin is an international company that specializes in creating liquidity for complex manufacturing facilities with idle or marginally productive assets.Rabin’s operations include selling entire plants, multiple plant locations, or surplus individual items by auction or liquidation and much more.

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They do not increase their basis in the property received on liquidation because doing so would give them a double tax benefit. While there are general terms and conditions required to liquidating a business, specifics differ depending on the type of liquidation.