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19-Dec-2014 04:05

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My bf and I have been together for over 3 years and everything is great.

We are usually together and inseparable but a lot of our time spent is with friends (his) or our family really. Tonight his friend had a get together and I didn't want to go because none of their wives and gfs were going and I felt sick. 30 minutes later he asks what I want to eat from a diner they were at and I got mad cuz he wouldn't be home for another hour and half.

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The website comes from the team of Jared Tame and Teng Siong Ong who are already working on two other dating services — Flock and Cupid With Friends.

(They sold their previous startup, Y Combiantor-backed Graffiti GEO, to Loopt.) When Tame emailed me to tell me about Wednesday Night, I asked why the pair decided to launch yet another dating site, and he said: Wednesday Night is something that really excites us and it appeals to a lot of people we’ve spoken to who are too busy for online dating.

So I guess it kind of turned into a guys thing of drinking and then playing beer pong. I don't see why he needs to stay out ALL night with his friends..see them almost every week anyway and hang out!

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Situations like this when he went or snowboarding with the guys I didn't worry.According to the startup, users connect their Facebook accounts and are then given three recommendations.

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