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Only recently are there Internet and social networking information resource sites that do just that. Industry leaders are helping to raise the “level of noise” in the media to help bring attention to issues online consumers need to be aware of. If you’re old enough to remember that there used to be only three television networks before cable came along – ABC, CBS and NBC – then be excited for the change that’s happening now. We can make choices with our kids about what shows they watch and when.Parents are starting to realize that helping their children “fudge” about their age to join Facebook doesn’t promote the right family message, so they’re talking to their kids about waiting until they’re older. Just as we experienced a wide variety of choices in the television industry with the introduction of cable and on demand programming, we’re experiencing the same with social networks.After the credits roll, you see the same conversation through Lil'Sas' eyes, as he looks down from above in a nearby cave. Mary is seen next to him and tells a surprised and worried Dad to put his sword down, that "He's just a baby! " She then reveals that she has been aware of him for some time (since Dad fell from the tree in epi 28) but did not tell Dad, for fear of his (negative) reaction. They awake unware of how they got from the coffin back to the Mothership. How did you make Sasquatch's communicator in the game? It was made to look like an item in our video editing process. In episode 28, entitled "Somebody's Watchin' Me", Dad falls from a tree and Lil'Sas reveals himself to Mary (offscreen, while Dad lay unconscious) and subsequently rebuilds Mary's garden. These kids’ social networks allow your children to be their true age and there’s no need to pretend your child is 13 or older to participate in the social networks aimed at adults.

Mary and Dad's Minecraft Adventures is a "Minecraft dramatization" that tells the story of two travelers stranded on an island. For some, the change has been positive, for others the change has been detrimental.The future of social media and our young children’s participation in it is something parents should look forward to, not dread.We learn from Mary that Lil'Sas, who is a baby and can not speak, has told her (through sand drawings) that "evil people in helicopters" put him in a cage, forcing him to learn how to read and how to comprehend spoken English. To eventually replace his father, who is being forced to participate in Lax Jerk Cooked Pork commercials.

In a recursive twist of sorts, Lax Jerk is a network sponsor for the MADMA series and and is featured in episode 7, wherein Lil'Sas' father can be seen! After washing up on a reef and getting to shore, Mary and Dad must struggle with the elements, their future and ultimately, the dark secret that led them to the island in the first place.