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11-Apr-2015 22:11

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, it doesn't mean the cast is actually excited to revive their characters for the audience!

In a new clip from the special, Nicole Sullivan and Michael Mc Donald joke how they couldn't be less excited to bring back their old characters to life!

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Piama married Francis after a one-month courtship and lived with Francis in a house in Mamu. When Francis' boss treated him badly, she tells Francis "My husband is being disrespected by a woman who isn't fit to eat the crap between your toes. I can't just pick up and start a new life whenever I need to. If I had had any idea of how horrible it was up here, I never would have come. That is, the way Latka's vocal patterns (performed by Andy Kaufmann) are an amalgamation of many mid-European countries.In Miss Swan's case, people may perceive the character as Asian, but the character has no specific focus such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.Miss Swan works as a manicurist at the Gorgeous Pretty Beauty Nail Salon.

While conversing, with customers and others her mangling of the English language annoys people so much that they often give her things just to get rid of her.Hall also wrote and starred in the HBO short films Characters and impressions: Roland Backison, Adam Levine, Prince Harry Pederson has an impressive theater résumé in his native Canada, including a 2011 Canadian Comedy Award for Best Male Improviser.