Little big planet not updating

18-Jan-2015 22:12

We’re going to customize our planet a little, we’ll start out with the shadow. Set the opacity of the layer to 95, this will allow a little bit of the planet to shine through the shadow. I want it a bit smaller, and mainly focused on only one side of the planet.

Delete the layer named “planet shadow”, and then create a new layer and name it “shadow”. To do this we’re going to add a Layer mask to the atmosphere layer so that we can control the opacity for different areas of the layer.

Use the Ellipse Select tool to create a circle about 800×800 covering a large portion of the planet like in the image below: Now fill that selection with black. In the Layer Dialog, right-click on the layer named “planet atmosphere” and choose Add Layer Mask. Now we need something to put inside that layer mask. Your Layer dialog should look like this know: Now merge our two new shadow layers into one.

(Right-click on the top one and choose Merge Down).

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The outer atmosphere color usually works best with white or a brighter version of the planet color, since our planet is blue we set the atmosphere color to a bright blue such as b0eeff.

Each player takes the role of one of those races trying to build the greatest space station.

These are the planets we’ll have a look at, we will focus mainly on how to create that blue one: Here is a larger preview of the blue planet we will create: This tutorial is split into three parts, in the first part we create a basic planet with atmosphere and shadow, but with no textures.