Kinit kdc cant fulfill requested option while validating credentials

02-Jul-2014 04:59

kinit kdc cant fulfill requested option while validating credentials-51

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The client is able to ping the server's hostname, so the DNS server is pointing to the domain server. i just happen to actively be building an AD integrated SMB server and have been staring at my krb5trying to figure out an issue that ended up being a bug in Samba 3.0. That probably depends on your Active Directory environment, and whether or not there are multiple domains in the tree. COM (sorry it seems I can't get proper formatting :/ ) In my case, I needed to kinit to MYDOMAIN. My domain has 2 DCs, one is W2k3 R2 and the other (the one specified as krb5.conf) is W2k8 R2.

You probably need more domain_realm aliases, but exactly what that is we can't tell from here. COM dns_lookup_realm = true dns_lookup_kdc = true ticket_lifetime = 24h renew_lifetime = 7d forwardable = true [realms] MYDOMAIN. But this is another possible cause for the "Realm not local to KDC while getting initial credentials" message I got this error while trying with connecting that machine from one domain to different domain. Then I tried the following command to reconfigure stuffs for different domain [logging] default = FILE:/var/log/krb5kdc = FILE:/var/log/krb5admin_server = FILE:/var/log/[libdefaults] default_realm = DOMAIN.

If your company has already standardized on .local I will be writing something separate about how to handle it because Ubuntu Desktop has some issues with it and for good reason…

An Ubuntu Desktop running 14.04 with Unity: Computer Name: nix01 IP Address: (static/manual) DNS Server: Search Domains: loc.Local Account Name: tester Tester is also in the “Sudo” Group The Goal Be able to login with jdoe and/or Administrator domain accounts on Ubuntu and have sudo rights.

Setting up an NTP server/client environment is beyond the scope of this document, but you want your DC and unix client to be getting time updates from the same source on a regular basis. If you don't care which Domain Controllers you authenticate to in your domain (they are all local or you have a fast network) you can simply use the domain DNS name and kerberos will use DNS round-robin to reach them.

If this does not work you can try explicitly configuring Kerberos, however if you are able to resolve domain resources (SRV records for Domain Controllers) this step should not be neccissary. You will be prompted for configuration, but this is irrelevant as we will be overwriting all this stuff.

未开启安全认证时,Hadoop 是以客户端提供的用户名作为用户凭证, 一般即是发起任务的Unix 用户。一般线上机器部署服务会采用统一账号,当以统一账号部署集群时,所有执行 Hadoop 任务的用户都是集群的超级管理员,容易发生误操作。即便是以管理员账号部署集群,恶意用户在客户端仍然可以冒充管理员账号执行。 2013年10月份 Hadoop 2.2.0 发布,作为 Apache Hadoop 2.

Tags: Add Linux Desktop to Windows Domain, Add Linux Server to Windows Domain, Add Ubuntu to Windows Domain, Dynamic DNS Updates In Windows Domain from Linux Member, Join Ubuntu to a Windows Domain using Realm D and SSSD, Light DM, Realm D, SSSD For this tutorial I will be walking through how to use a tool called Realmd to connect an Ubuntu Server or Ubuntu Desktop system to a Windows Active Directory Domain.