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08-Apr-2014 04:14

As you might guess, these kinds of females often hang out at bars.

Yes, there are also plenty of lovely Kenyan females that are genuine, beautiful and kind.

That being said, if you are looking to party in Kenya, Nairobi and the areas around Mombasa have you covered!

Beer and other forms of alcohol in Kenya are widespread and easily available.

Many of the younger youth are into hip hop lifestyles and music.

Other men are very clean cut and willing to date foreign females.

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Upper class Kenyans and Indians like to dress smart, and make sure they look good going out.Kenyan nightlife is infamous for its anything goes attitude.Things however are tightening up, and in Nairobi, rules are becoming more common, and more enforced.Recently there has been an effort to crack down on people getting drunk and lazy during the day, so the selling of alcohol has been restricted.

But you can never be certain if these regulations will be enforced, or if it is just another means of corruption.Plenty of Kenyan women are willing to date and go out with foreigners, but just like in any country you visit, you must analyze each and every dating situation carefully.