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Talismans carry holiness within them, under any conditions we, and also you, do not want to receive a talisman or amulet that someone else received and held it and then it was sent to you. We hand make each package personally for you at the time of order, we are usually able to ship the package within 3 business days of the order date. Kabbalah-Dieting is part of the Kabbalah-Relating program.The prayers and requests are singularly directed to a particular purpose and the Talisman is then worn or carried with you all the time. This serves as a reminder to them and prompts a review of your request and if there is no blockage it can move things along for you.As it says repeatedly in the Bible “and G-d remembered”…Sarah, Rachel, Israel etc…and helped them, so the spiritual realm sometimes needs to be reminded of you and your needs and G-d willing your wishes will be fulfilled.These are all important things when you are looking for marriage but the internal qualities and READ MOREHow do I know if He or She is my Soulmate?Many people that use our Find Your Soulmate Application find themselves meeting someone pretty soon after they start doing the spiritual applications.

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Love is a human need like many other needs, the need for food and water, the need for sleep, the need for sunshine.

The instructions are very simple and can be completed very easily by most anyone.

We do not accept refunds, returns or exchanges on talismans or amulets.

Rather than continuing to wait for someone to be attracted to you and settling for whoever comes, using our tools and methods you will draw into your life the partner that you seek.

The wisdom of READ MOREA few years ago we worked with an attorney in Manhattan, New York City who made a very nice living working in a respectful firm and could not find new relationship to get marry.Usually the person they meet is clearly very interested in them, which is sometimes surprising or confusing and they ask us how to know if this person is really their soulmate.