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17-Feb-2016 03:52

To be married in Italy, a couple must appear before the civil registrar ( ufficiale di stato civile) of the town where the marriage is to take place with two witnesses and make a declaration of their intention to marry.

You must present all necessary documents, which must be translated into Italian and certified by an Italian Consular Officer.

A divorced woman must wait nine months or obtain dispensation from a local court before she can remarry in Italy, because she could be pregnant by her former husband at the time of the divorce.

After the declaration is made, it’s usually necessary for banns ( pubblicazioni matrimoniali) or the announcement of the forthcoming marriage, to be posted at the local town hall ( comune sometimes referred to as municipio) and church (for a church wedding) for two consecutive Sundays before the marriage occurs if either party is Italian or resident in Italy.

The mother is usually given custody of the children, with access for the father, and once they reach the age of ten they can (within certain guidelines) decide which parent they want to live with.

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A couple divorcing by consent must wait three years to be divorced but couples not divorcing by consent must wait five years after fault has been proved.