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When Joy first disappears, Jerome doesn't exactly jump to conclusions or try to find answers.He decides to go along with the faculty's explanation of her parents pulling her out of school due to financial reasons.In the season finale he rescues Nina from Rufus, showing that he also has a caring side.In House of Hello/House of Dolls, Jerome acts very mysteriously as he tries to disguise himself outside of Anubis House.He doesn't seem to care about anything if it does not benefit him, either financially or humorously.He sells his old homework to the lower grades for quite some money, although most of the homework is incorrect. His best friend is Alfie, but if trouble comes his way he doesn't mind selling him out.

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Jerome shows his caring side in House of Identity / House of Emergency when Alfie gets stuck in the cellar and goes into shock.

However, Patricia blackmails him back and he is left at a stalemate.

In House of Arrest / House of Hoax, Jerome shows more of an emotional side and opens up to Mara, revealing that he has been at boarding school since he was five and never sees his parents.

Jerome Clarke is one of the main characters in House of Anubis. Jerome always has a trick up his sleeve along with his best friend Alfie Lewis, the school jokester.

He also has a soft side, though, first shown in his crush on and relationship with Mara Jaffray.Be careful, house members, because when the time comes, Jerome's loyalties could easily be bought by the highest bidder, student, or teacher.

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