Is emile hirsch still dating brianna domont

30-Apr-2016 05:39

But he has been in the news of media with being involved with many beautiful girls.

At first he came in the limelight of media when he started dating with Amanda Seyfried. Both of them shared enjoyable moment for two years. Emile has earned both fame and rewards from his acting career.

Emile Hirsch Emile Hirsch has split from his girlfriend of two years Brianna Domont, according to U. Meanwhile Hirsch's Mountain Climb Threatened By Infection Emile Hirsch was nearly airlifted down from Mount Kilimanjaro after a nasty infection threatened to end his charity climb.

The Alpha Dog star, 24, has been dating Domont, 20, since 2008. A source explains, "Emile really cares for Brianna, but he was starting to feel too settled, like an old married man." A spokesperson for Hirsch had not responded to requests for comment as WENN went to press.

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Why he is dressed like that while hitchhiking, we do not know.

In the same year, he appeared as Punk in the television series called ‘3 Rock from the Sun’.