Is 18 too young for online dating

12-Dec-2014 22:28

(which is something I love to do)If he was born with a cell phone plan, he's too young for me. If his Mother and I knew each other in high school? If I thinks X-Box and a case of Coors Light is a date? If he's thinking in terms of getting old meaning he's turning 35? If MTV had "The Real World" in circulation when he first discovered MTV? If he's doesn't remember scud missiles being launched in 2001? I learned a thing in high school and I've stuck to it.If he doesn't recall the space shuttle exploding on TV live, he's too young for me. If you honestly look into it and think about it, it makes sense.But it's all relative to how people age, so I don't think clear lines should be made.

And even within cultures, different people have different tolerances.Really, it's more important to me to find someone with common interests--someone who loves anime, and video games, and house and techno, and Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai food.If I can find a girl like that, doesn't really matter to me if she's 16 (though 19 would definitely be better...I've seen situations where people have called a 25 year old a pedophile because he was dating a 19 year old. I think it's far less likely for a guy to find it creepy, than it is for a women to do so when an older man hits on her.

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Yet at the same time, it also seems more socially acceptable for an older man to date a younger woman, than vice versa (male-dominated society I guess, maybe).

And with all these single and lonely people out there in the world, I don't see why we should be so restrictive or judgmental about age limitations I knew a guy 4 years ago who owned a pizza restaurant who was 30 years old who married a 18 year old woman and then a year later got her pregnant.

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