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All in all, an unusual Centenary jewel, that attracted my interest, and I took the opportunity to investigate further, once I had returned home. On checking in Right Wor Bro Keith Cochrane’s excellent reworking of Crossle’s List of Lodges, I discovered that on the 29th September 1892, a printed application was submitted to The Grand Lodge Board of General Purposes requesting the issue of a new Warrant to meet at the Masonic Hall, Dublin to be called “Centenary” Lodge – Memorial signed by ten brethren from various Lodges and nominating Hugh Alex. He was also a member of Carlow 116 Royal Arch Chapter, P. Each issue had an engraved title page and index and contained engraved illustrations in each monthly volume.

Its contents included anecdotes, original essays and poetry.

Saturday the 28th January 2017, was the day that the people of Inishowen had selected to mark the Centenary of the Sinking of the HMS Laurentic at the mounth of Lough Swilly, on the very stormy, freezing cold night of the 25th January 1917.

The Ship sailed over two German mines, which detonated amidship, causing her to sink very quickly.

The simplest way is to rig the masts of the ship and pull them gently up into position with thread, once the ship hull has been eased into its final position, through the neck of the bottle.

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Other symbols within the bottle are representations of The Crescent Moon, The Winding Staircase, A five runged Ladder, Setting Maul, and Trowel for spreading the cement of Masonic Brotherhood. And we know from the back of the jewel that it was J. Ryan a well known firm of Dublin Goldsmiths who made these jewels, which carries their stamp on the reverse.For those interested in Ships and Bottles, the best known British Collection is known as The Dawe Collection and can be found, on display in an old Sea=Merchants House,in The Butterwalk, in the town of Dartmouth, in Devon.Uniquely the entrance up into the museum is via an old spiral staircase, built counter clockwise around a section of a ships mast. This application came in front of the Board at their October meeting, who approved the re-issue of Warrant No 117 I. to the Brethren named, to form a new Lodge to be known as Centenary, that would hold its meetings in Dublin.a further update on The Masonic Schools, when we learn about some of the examinations taken by the boys and girls. He escaped from captivity during the night and suspicion was raised against one English officer, who like the Frenchman, was a Freemason. For many years Lord Donoughmore was known to his intimates as Lavalette Hutchinson. This was a magazine for the 20th century with plenty of pictures and articles.

Of great interest in 1895, we find an un-expected article “About Women Freemasons” We also read about an Installation Festival held in The Thomas Valentine Lodge No 21, Belfast. This officer of the guard was the Hon John Hely Hutchinson, afterwards Third Earl of Donoughmore, who in 1845 was Installed as First Worshipful Master of The Donoughmore Lodge No 44 I. Other articles in this issue include some background on The Grand Lodge of Instruction, a report on Manitoba honours to a Cork Freemason, Prize Giving at The Masonic Orphan’s schools, The next part of the Succession of Officers in The Grand Lodge of Ireland 1790 -1801. The content was 100% Masonic, but again concentrated more on The United Grand Lodge of England, rather than The Grand Lodge of Ireland, as the title might suggest.

One other interesting feature is the inclusion of a section with dates of the various Lodge meetings, that were to be held in January 1895 including Grand Lodge, THe Board of General Purposes, THe Grand Lodge of Instruction and The Committee of Charity and Inspection. Other articles include a succession of Grand Officers of The Grand Lodge of Ireland 1780 -1790, an article on the Centenary of St John’s Lodge Lisburn when they received an original poem penned by Bro Joseph Hope on the Centenary of the Lodge. We also learn about Lodge 44 Clonmel and a romantic incident from their history. When Lord Woseley finally retired from the Dinner, he was played out with a spirited performance of The British Grenadiers, a delicate compliment to this distinguished military hero.

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