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09-Sep-2014 05:51

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In effect, the bill declares that protecting civil servants’ right to discriminate on the job is more important than It gets worse.

In an obvious effort to avoid seeing the law struck down as unconstitutional anti-gay discrimination, the North Carolina legislature couched their bill in the broadest terms possible.

Pat Mc Crory’s veto of a startling bill that would allow magistrates to refuse to marry any couple—so long as they have a “sincerely held religious objection.”* The bill will now go to the state house, where conservative legislators have probably rounded up the votes to push beyond Mc Crory’s veto.

I know that I have heard that the South can be a little against that but I am really hoping that a move will be a good fresh start for me and will lead me to an amazing person to be with. The male to female ratio will most likely be very much in your favor but only if you're into military types.

Regarding inter-racial couples, I see alot of them in North Carolina these days.

At my school we had a lot of students from Memphis and they had some serious race issues there.

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The way we were treated in Memphis was also just really strange.

A magistrate isn’t just empowered to turn away same-sex couples—he can turn away couple, so long as he can articulate a religious objection to their marriage.