Identifying dating your family photographs with maureen taylor

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The elements of the tale are in the picture details and our genealogy. Family First A photo mystery is a family history mystery too. It could be the oldest, the youngest, or a distant cousin.

In order to solve an unidentified picture, start with your genealogy. Those images may represent your mother's side of the family or include pictures of your father's grandfather's cousins.

A fascinating look at the birth of the daguerreotype process can be found here plate Daguerreotype from 1854. Massey Collection The ambrotype was a glass negative backed with black material, which enabled it to appear as a positive image. Because tintypes were placed in albums along with CDVs, they were often trimmed at the sides and corners.

Patented in 1854, the ambrotype was made, packaged, and sold in portrait studios just as the daguerreotype had been, but at a lower cost. Ambrotypes were usually put into cases just as daguerreotypes were. Tintypes were produced in various sizes Tintype of a young child. Massey Collection CDV stands for carte de visite, a photographic calling card.

In the United States, the carte-de-visite played second fiddle to cheaper variations on the daguerreotype theme.

Our relatives hand them to us because we are the family genealogists.

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In my grandparent's wedding photos, the studio used their wedding rings as a prop, curling their hands over a balustrade to show off their new jewelry.It's our responsibility to pass this legacy on to the next generation.

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