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02-Jul-2016 00:32

First try checking out the code from one of those machines.If it succeeds there, then you know that your username and password are correct.It then may be necessary to submit a request to NOAA to add your machine to the trusted list.At the moment, the structure of our sub-domains causes our certificate to display as invalid when trying to connect to https:// in Subversion.If you just wish to browse around or download a few individual files, the best tool is the web-based View VC interface for Subversion or go straight to the public repository at For example, to get the Spamassassin module, use: For more help on using Subversion, consult the Subversion website or Subversion book.

The Subversion or Git repository for your project should only be used if you want to be on the of the development effort.The HWRF system is available through an SVN checkout from a unified set of code repositories.Each code repository contains a trunk, which contains the common shared version of the code to be used by all of the developers; the branches, which contain individual Project Development Branches; and tags to reference special check points in the code development, such as releases.DTC can help developers create branches in the DTC repositories and check them out.

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To checkout a personal development branch named myproject into the directory The first time each repository is accessed on a particular machine, SVN or Git will prompt you for your username and password before commencing with the download.We currently use HTTPS basic authentication for logging in to Subversion ( certificate info below ).

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