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To setup paging with Gridviews, you also need to set the page index property to the new page that you wish to view. The ASPX page account missing activerecord antispyware ASP. Copy() View State("original Values Data Table") = original Data Table table Copied = True End If End If End Sub Protected Sub Up_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Event Args) Handles Up. Row Index, False) Next ' Rebind the Grid to repopulate the original values table. Data Bind() End Sub Protected Function Is Row Modified(By Val r As Grid View Row) As Boolean Dim current ID As Integer Dim current Project As String Dim current Description As String Dim current CAPEX As String current ID = Convert. In any case I added the empty handlers as follows: Protected Sub Gridview1_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. in the meantime here's my Gridview part of the code Fnostro, You’re absolutely right. Row Updating End Sub Protected Sub Gridview1_Row Updated(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. You could have bypassed it and "rolled your own" or if you wanted to spend the time learning how, you could have used the Sql Data Source control directly by populating the parameters and calling it's update function. Regardless of how you initialize an Update Panel any control that triggers a postback, inside or outside, full or partial, causes a Full Page Lifecycle. I'm told that any edits go in a queue and need to be approved first to be displayed.... If this makes sense, I’m suspecting the handlers I added maybe overriding the inbuilt updating procedure? no worries about the credit, but to answer your question about why the events fire, it's because you are using the Update Row function OF the gridview, which requires having an Update command in the datasource. Select Command = "SELECT [ID], [Project], [Description], [CAPEX] FROM [CAPEX] where [Team] = 'Team1'" Grid View1. Data Bind() End Sub Private table Copied As Boolean = False Private original Data Table As System. Data Table Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Row Deleting which wasn't handled. When I say manually databinding I mean not using a data source control specified as a Data Source ID, but rather setting the Grid View’s Data Source equal to the appropriate data object and calling Data Bind. NET 2.0 are familiar with how to deal with this, but since ASP.Здесь в функции Загрузить Все - получаем все данные с таблицы Регионы БД Носвинд. И видим, что когда в таблице нажмем Едит, потом Обновить - Мы попадаем в эту функцию.В Region ID - Айди записи, в Region Description - измененная запись.Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception.

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Format("ID = ", current ID))(0) If Not current Project. To String()) Then Return True If Not current Description. To String()) Then Return True If Not current CAPEX. To String()) Then Return True Return False End Function " Select Command="SELECT [ID], [Project], [Description], [CAPEX] FROM [CAPEX]" Delete Command="DELETE FROM [CAPEX] WHERE [ID] = @ID" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [CAPEX] ([ID], [Project], [Description], [CAPEX], [Team]) VALUES (@ID, @Project, @Description, @CAPEX, @Team)" Update Command="UPDATE [CAPEX] SET [Project] = @Project, [Description] = @Description, [CAPEX] = @CAPEX,[Team] = @Team WHERE [ID] = @ID"I Edited the post to add the asp code, aparently It hasn't displayed yet. However now the Gridview does not update with the new value(s) entered.