Fair debt collection practices act section 809b validating debts Canada webcam room chat sex

09-Sep-2014 11:11

The debt collector is not required to provide more than one notice for each debt.A notice need not offer to identify the original creditor unless the name and address of the original creditor are different from the current creditor.Debt validation is a consumer’s right under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) 15 USC Section 1692g to force the debt collector to prove that the consumer owes the debt.After the initial communication, the debt collect must notify the consumer, in writing, of their debt validation rights within five days.

If after sending a dispute the collection still appears on the consumers credit report check to be sure that the debt collector received the dispute and that it was sent within the 30 day time frame.A debt collector’s institution of formal legal action against a consumer (including the filing of a complaint or service of legal papers by an attorney in connection with a lawsuit to collect a debt) or transmission of a notice to a consumer that is required by law as a prerequisite to enforcing a contractual obligation is not a “communication in connection with collection of any debt,” and thus does not confer section G notice-and-validation rights on the consumer.An attorney who regularly attempts to collect debts by means other than litigation, such as writing the consumer demand letters (dunning notices) or calling the consumer on the phone about the obligation (except in response to a consumer’s call to him after suit has been commenced), must provide the required notice, even if a previous debt collector (or creditor) has given such a notice.If the consumer disputes the debt, the attorney may still take legal action but must cease collection efforts until verification is obtained and mailed to the consumer.

There may be instances where discussing your situation over a public forum could potentially compromise your interests.

Bill collectors are required to validate debts before continuing collection efforts according to section G of the FDCPA.