Dhcp not updating dns server 2016

08-Mar-2016 19:08

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So, lets say you have a VMware ESXi server on your local network. Only the DNS server needs to remember the IP address. Synology diskstation also has a DHCP server that you can use to dynamically assign IP addreses to hosts on your network.This means you can power up a new laptop, ipad, or guest VM on your network and it will be able to use the network without configuring anything. It's somewhere on one of these servers, over here. Try searching for similar questions Browse our recent questions Browse our popular tags If you feel something is missing that should be here, contact us.DNS servers provide domain name resolution for network resources.

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When a DHCP server registers and updates DNS pointer (PTR) and address (A) resource records on behalf of its DHCP-enabled clients, it uses the information contained within an additional DHCP option: the Client FQDN option (option 81), which permits a client to provide its FQDN and any instructions to the DHCP server that is used to process DNS dynamic updates on its behalf.The DHCP protocol does not automatically update DNS in the event that the DHCP server changes the IP address of a client.

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