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By the mid-1990s, with his stardom all but vanished, Mickey decided that life might be easier back in the ring. He was in his mid-40s, out of shape and, technically, from another era.

A series of painful-to-behold wallopings from pros scenting an easy purse followed, and when celebrity writer Cintra Wilson saw him one day in a New York restaurant, "he looked like his head had been sculpted out of wet cat food". Rourke's nose had been squashed, his lips splattered and his skin reduced to scar tissue.

Aronofsky jokes that Mickey's stoved-in mug saved them money on make up.

Broke and sprawled on the canvas is a close-to-home metaphor for a star with Rourke's record."Pal," he said last week, "I don't care how many zeros you put on the end of my paycheck.

The Page has since broken news of Donald and Marla's affair, Woody Allen's relationship with his "stepdaughter," and Kirstie Alley's possum-nursing fetish.

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A., Mac Gruder and Loud, and in the Italian movie Il burbero, feat Adriano Celentano as well as Homeboy, in which she starred with her then husband Mickey Rourke.

Wikipedia From this profile you will find 16 photos, 24 lists, 2 on-screen matchups, 27 film credits, 1 relationship, and key facts about Debra Feuer!

Rourke let a lot of people down in the delinquent phase of his career (this being virtually all of it), and Hollywood's corporate drones, however much they may appreciate the schmaltzy storyline of a fallen actor returning in triumph, are not famed for their powers of forgiveness.

debra feuer dating-76

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Nor is there convincing evidence that Rourke has overcome his tendency to say the wrong thing to the people it would be wise to humour.His second, to model Carre Otis, was tainted with allegations of drug addiction and domestic violence, and ended in divorce in 1994.