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He takes a look around, grabs the pills, takes a piss and then finally notices her niece asleep on the couch in a negligee.

He tries to wake her up and she thinks he’s a creep and so she screams in Russian and chases him out of the apartment as the fire department’s sirens are wailing in the street.

Louie reads her the riot act, telling her that life is not a dream, that it’s a dangerous world and that kids get stolen and disappear forever.

You can see the panic and relief wash over his face as he yells.

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When Louie and Lilly get back to the platform, we are worried that Jane won’t be there, but indeed she is, grinning and saying that everything was a part of her dream.Lilly and Louie get off at the next stop and race to the opposite side to board another train back to Jane.(Ok New Yorkers, did it bother anyone else to see the subway inconsistencies?Back in Louie’s apartment, an old woman, brilliantly played by Ellen Burstyn, gets stuck in an elevator.

The Super tells her he needs to call the fire department, because if he tries to get her out, “that’s how people get sliced in half.” The old woman, as she waits, dispatches Louie to her apartment with her keys to retrieve her medication, as she needs to take it on time.

They commit to losing weight, starting by going to the gym tomorrow, but first, they indulge in a “Bang, Bang,” wherein, as Robbie says to one waitress, “we go have a whole meal at one place and then go right to another place and have another one. Bang.” After debating what to eat: Mexican followed by Italian or sushi, then pizza or the oddly-delicious sounding combo of barbeque and IHOP, they settle on Indian food and a diner.