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21-Oct-2016 18:40

If you have been offended by your boyfriend for too many reasons than you can even count and it has finally gotten to the extent where you can say without any iota of doubt that I hate my boyfriend, then something is really wrong somewhere which I am about to let you in on.There are a lot of boys who don’t know what to tell or talk to a girl, they don’t have the guts to tell what they feel.’ several times during the date, it may not make sense to pursue things further. If your date mentioned a previous relationship in passing it’s nothing to worry about but if they went into longwinded details about a former bloke/ babe, think twice before going out with them.They may be rather hung over on the previous relationship and hence may not be ready to move on. Did they ask you things like what you like to do for fun, what kind of places you hang out at? On the other hand if they hardly asked anything about you it may be better to refuse to take things ahead.

If you felt confused and wondered about their intentions don’t feel any inhibitions in not going out with them a second time round. This is the one question that you should base your decision on.In this video, you’ll about to learn “How to ask a girl to be your Girlfriend and get a yes”.”, “Ask her after 3 months”, and the “Secret on how to ask her”.Learn this also: How to make a Girl Like You This video was uploaded by the channel Tripp on You Tube where you can find some of the most awesome dating tips for men.

The topics/steps on the video includes the following; “Don’t assume that a girl likes you, just be sure you guys are really dating”, “Have you been Physical?Making a fair amount of eye contact, indicates positive interaction, and should be taken as green light for a second date.