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Hundreds of books from best selling authors, available in all the usual ebook formats.The Floating Press collection is currently retailing through leading online ebookstores.During the initial sorting of the material from the excavation, the conservator cleans and sorts the thousands of pottery shards into groups of specific vessels according to their color, creating piles of shards which will later be attached and glued to create a standalone pottery vessel.Missing parts will sometimes be reconstructed using Plaster of Paris which is clearly identifiable.The Texas Archeology Academy will host a weekend-long seminar on Ceramics Feb. Dave Yelacic with Texas Archaeological Society, which is a statewide society of which the academy is based, says anyone with an interest in archaeology is invited to attend. “We have a range of people that attend these classes on different parts of archaeology.We have kids, older folks, academics on the subject along with those with just a casual interest.There they will be cleaned and restored, and later drawn, photographed and catalogued.The goals for the The Conservation Process of Ancient Pottery objects At the end of an archaeological excavation, all finds are brought to the pottery conservation laboratories for treatment.

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The Ancient Pottery Collection in the National Treasures of the Israel Antiquities Authority Pottery can easily endure the environmental destructive forces such as humidity, salts and oxygen.

The conservator lays the pottery shards and fragments on the designated long tables in consultation with the excavator, while attempting to reconstruct the way they were discovered in the ground.

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