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Listed below are some hardships associated with age-gap relationships.• Goals One of the disadvantages of dating someone older or younger is that you may have different goals.For instance, if you are young woman, your goals may be to get married, purchase your first home and start a family, while your much older boyfriend’s goals may be to advance in his career, take care of his aging parents and/or retire in a few years.

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For centuries, a woman’s worth has been measured by her youth and beauty. Caged by an outdated concept, many women have believed this to be true. Yet, there are those who refuse to be confined to being less. In the real world, this romantic union is becoming increasingly common. If you’re an older women involved with a younger man, get the guidance you need based on 20 years of real-life experience and research. A truly empowered woman knows how to love completely. The courage to be her own person, to create her own vision of life— regardless of what society says. An original life, is one that walks against the crowd. As women continue to see themselves as as powerful, deserving, and worthy, they enjoy a greater participation in all the world has to offer. As long as we live our truth and express our life fully, there is no limit to our worth. If you’re a younger man seeking advice on his Cougar, you’ve come to the right place. The rules of society are broken— not in defiance, but in the need to create new rules that allow for greater expansion and growth. We are free to love the person we desire, regardless of age— theirs, or ours. Or, you may like to watch childhood movies from the 70s, while your younger girlfriend prefers to watch reality TV (i.e.

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Teen Moms, Dance Moms, Dancing with the Stars, etc.). You may fall in love with someone your own age or you may fall in love with someone older or younger than yourself.

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