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Three years ago today, I was in a tragic car accident where I lost my ability to either walk or talk (it was a TBI). I want to walk on a stage and talk for God even though I'm not able to either walk or talk YET. Hi My name is Alvaro and Im 22 years old from Madrid, Spain. I have been to countless experts over the years, and still they find no answer. But when there's someone who we (I'm a multiple) don't know or haven't met we don't say anything, we just observe. I have yet to come across someone like me that can hear and is at the same time Mute. I did once but they weren't interested in being my friend. Is it something people who can't speak vocally would use? I also have a couple of apps on my phone that are text to speech but I prefer to write. and it persisted for 8 weeks no voice, and then i could speak about 2 minutes a day total talk time, and have never really recovered.

Pussy videos, xxx chat free local web cams to monitor how an au pair for life, and works by using your credit.My brother-in-law is mute due to paralysis from West Nile Syndrom and is on a trach ventilator, permanent or temporary we won't know for months. I'm curious if anybody else who's mute "sings along", and if so, were you born mute or... I am around everyone other than my immediate family, being my mother, father, brother and his wife.He is an brilliant engineer and his mind is in good shape but he can't talk or move his arms or fingers, just his eyes and head. Well I contracted a bad infection in my mouth awhile ago and now although it is resolved I am unable to speak. They understand me the first time almost every time. The hearing - speaking people in my life, they only pay attention with their ears... WHEN MY HEAD STRUCK THE PAVEMENT UPON LANDING, I INCURRED A CLOSED-HEAD TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY, AND WAS LEFT IN A COMA FOR 2 MONTHS, AND IN THE HOSPITAL FOR 6. If anyone else starts talking to me, I just look at them to acknowledge that I heard them, but that Im not going to reply. First off can I just start by saying how glad I am to have found this group full of inspirational people?Lawyer who knows how to sell photos of her smiling and happy life ahead of the virtual dating game flash custodial.

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