Dating relationships on mental health

07-Apr-2015 06:52

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness, yet they’re highly treatable.

Although mental disorders do not define people, they often influence the way they relate to other people, especially in relationships.

Devoted to their ill member, the family may be the best-kept secret in the arsenal of healing.

For example, societal gender norms like "boys don't cry" can lead to an unhealthy self-stigmatization, especially in depressed men who feel they should cope with their illness without professional help, according to a 2014 study.

Patients who are in need of treatment may further reduce their self-esteem due to self-stigma.

Mental health disorders can come with a wide range of challenges and symptoms.

The support from a partner or loved one is an important part of recovery.

Womens’ partners were more supportive of struggles with sex addiction, while only 50 percent received support if they were coping with schizophrenia."This may show that women have a slightly greater willingness to help their partners in coping with mental health issues than men are to support their partners,” according to the researchers.