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28-May-2015 05:33

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Addicts are encouraged to keep close to the brotherhood and it's like a dysfunctional frat house where they get to call eachother out for bad behavior - except I'm not so sure who is qualified to judge.Even in my "Alien" status I don't feel qualifed to judge; however, it seems that when Addicts are "mandated" by the courts to get treatment, it should also be required that they be throughly screened for mental illness as well.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Personality disorders left untreated are a nightmare to live with and in some cases, even the psychiatric establishment is left dumbfounded.

I believe everyone makes mistakes, and I do have a certain amount of empathy for Addicts - my father was one; however, if you are not from that realm - I would advise you to stay away.

There are enough addicts out there who know the deal, are a little more savvy and know better how to handle the manipulative behaviors.

You don't need the pain, the anguish and the possible risk of death that comes with this type of relationship...death as in risk of Aids when they start acting out self-destructively as opposed to picking up the crack pipe then venting at a meeting where they get a cup of coffee and a pat on the back and told that the "Aliens" don't understand them. your father was an addict, then you got involved with one yourself for 4 years. did you ever stop to think about why you insisted on being a rescuer?

(you are just trying to rewrite your history with daddy and make it all turn out better then it did when lived with him).

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