Dating mastery seminar

04-Aug-2015 20:18

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They have all the characteristics of great teachers - they are nonjudgmental, patient, articulate, and are able to teach things in different ways so that everyone understands them.

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Beyond girls, beyond game, these two guys genuinely want us to start living the lives we deserve. You guys have left your fingerprints on my life's journey, and I'm a better man for having met the two of you.

I am writing this as a different man than I was walking into my first bootcamp, fundamentally & foundationally. This was the first major love systems event that I had attended – and what an event it was! The price initially struck me as a lot, but after attending the event, I can say that 0 is an absolute bargain - money well spent!

The game is all about choice, and having the ability to choose what you want for your life and who you want in it.

Years of experience and knowledge have been crafted into a learnable and applicable model and the best part of the seminar is the instructors themselves.

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Sure, a seminar is a theoretical setting, but the stuff learnt has been applied and tested, over and over.Since I've been down here (keeping in mind I knew not a single person before I came, can't speak spanish at all, and my social circle issues I alluded to earlier), I've been invited to five parties, had calls nightly from people in my new social circles wanting to have dinner, join a sports league, or join on double dates.