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Also both of them demand to be the center stage in the relationship, and this can cause some problems.Jealousy and mistrust are deep scars for both the Leo man and woman and is not tolerated in their relationship on either side.This is a very passionate combination with much potential, but if there is any form of competition between the two Leos, the ecstasy they feel between each other is more forced than free flowing.In these instances, tempers flair and anger run high making both of them furious.It takes loyalty, patience and self sacrifice for them to work out their differences in creating a most wonderful of unions.When their relationship is good, it’s really good; and when it’s bad it breaks down to pieces.Otherwise, she may as well think about ending the relationship or perhaps deceiving him into thinking he makes more money, has a better benefit package or is better than she is.As the love of the Leo man and woman overcomes the hot streams of complexities and selfish desires, it comes to stability where their love reforms to fresh and cooling spring of affection and devotion towards their mate.

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In financial matters, both, the Leo man and woman are very generous and they always love to get the best of all for themselves as well as their spouse.Leo man needs to understand how to approach his Leo damsel with the utmost gentlest of touches with a mix of the right domination, and Leo woman should counteract perfectly, submitting herself in her role play creating the perfect love scene.